Stylistic devices

This link will lead you an external site of stylistic devices. It is a wild mix of German and English entries. That is because I started it as a resource for my German lessons and then I transformed it to English rather half-heartedly. You can give your students access to it for self-study. From outside of this site they will need the following address: . However, they can also access it from my student website under

How to use it: Click on any entry in the tree-structure. This will shift the focus on the entry you clicked on and show the levels below it. Trial-and error is a good metod to understand the concept of the site.

Most of the content has been taken from publically available sources, of course (although I boast some of the entries to be my own ideas). My real brainwork lies in the tree-structure of the entries.

Please note: There is a bar deviding the screen between tree-structure and notes. This can be moved to adjust the relative sizes of the two segments. It can also be switched between vertical / horizontal layout. The link above will open a new browser window to give you some more screen real estate.