Lesson scripts & ideas

This is where you can find some ideas you might want to use in your lessons. New material will be posted here on an irregular basis for everybody to use. I just do this to bribe you to come back every now and then.

Please contact me via email if you have some ideas of your own you want to have published here.

 How to write or speak about charts or statistics

A one-page-Powerpoint file to help students learn how to talk about numbers.

Moving rules

Grammatical rules are rather inflexible. So it’s nice to watch them moving for a change. Click to go to grammar video clips.

A matter of style

There are as many lists of stylistic devices as there are English text books. It’s only logical to assume the world needs another one. Here is my version.

Listening and/or reading comprehension with Mr Bean

Before you sneer and leave this site in a hurry, please note that

  • I know these clips are old (and even low quality)
  • I know Mr Bean hardly ever uses language at all
  • Mr Bean’s shows are not to everybody’s taste

BUT: They can make an entertaining and activity-based lesson. Here is one example.