Turning numbers into text

chartsThis is a single PowerPoint page with helpful phrases to talk about numbers in diagrams or charts. The chart itself contains real sports results of one of my classes in a sponsoring running event. If you know how to do it, you can change the chart to display your own data. Otherwise you can just use the numbers provided as an example.

As the text in the presentation indicates, I did it in class 7 and it worked quite well.

Lesson script:
  • You might want to start with a different material and without giving any help. Time the performance. This will show your students how little they can say.
  • Then use this Powerpoint file to introduce the new material and the useful phrases. Provide usage notes and examples.
  • Then make your students speak about the chart with / without notes. Time the performance again and compare.
  • A creative task with different data could follow.

Click here to download

Have fun.